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Power BI by LENCO

  • Financial Reporting 2.0
  • For management of the future
  • Compatible with mobile devices
  • Recipient-oriented reporting
  • Can be personalised according to customer requirements with CI (Corporate Identity)
  • Abstract issues simplified through precise visualisations
  • Collaboration through ready-made INPUT sheets
  • Reports are not limited to financial data
  • Compatible with all data sources


We offer you:

  • Certified Report Creation of a Microsoft Associate
  • Fully based on Microsoft Office - your familiar environment
  • Reduction of error sources through automated processes
  • Your evaluations always at hand - no paper chaos
  • Keep an overview of your business at all times
  • Digital reports can be exported - in case someone prefers the paper form
  • On request - everything from a single source: from the preparation of the accounting to the evaluation of the report

Your data - your evaluation

With our personalised, digital reporting solutions, your figures are prepared and presented in a way that is easy to understand. In this way, you sustainably increase your productivity in all business areas. Instead of confusing evaluations, you receive meaningful reports on your company. The origin of the data is irrelevant. We can use existing evaluation files from your accounting department or create our own data basis together with our accounting service.

But we can do even more: LENCO Analytics.

Evaluations that really interest you. Together, we develop meaningful reports that move your company forward. If required, you also have the option of actively participating in the evaluations through so-called INPUT sheets. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Data security is a top priority for us. Your data is processed in Microsoft's most secure cloud environment and is only accessible to certain people that you define.

Customer satisfaction is our philosophy

For over 20 years, LENCO financial consulting GmbH has stood for progress and stability. With our latest product, we are paving the way for digital reporting. We create the reports you deem necessary: modern, up-to-date and interactive. In doing so, we draw on our decades of experience with investors and major clients. We would like to make this experience available to you with our reports. This product offers the perfect rounding off of our overall service, as it clearly and transparently reflects the results of accounting and controlling.