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Our ERP Solution

Lenco offers you a fully integrated ERP solution with various interfaces. Through our Software as a Service concept, our ERP system is perfectly scalable for you through expansion tools and is very cost-effective.

  • Fully integrated financial accounting solution
  • Installation at a fixed price
  • No investment in expensive software and hardware
  • Software as a Service
  • The perfect E-Commerce solution​​​​​​
  • ​40% IT cost savings in accounting
  • For the FMA basic licence incl. cost accounting you pay only 270,- per month.

    Our ERP Software has proved its worth to users in the following countries:
    AT, BE, CH, CN, DE, DK, ES, FR, GB, IE, IT, LB, MX, NL, RU, SA, SE, TR, US, ZA 

FMA is known for its rapid implementation of customer requirements at exceptionally low operating costs, so that even the smallest companies can quickly and easily benefit from using the methods and techniques of large corporations. Implementation generally takes just a few days, but usually no more than two months.

FMA has a digitalisation of your receipts which can be accessed online at any time, if desired, and this at G/L account, cost centre or project level.

Reporting can be set up according to HGB or International Reporting Standards.

  • Multilingual and multi-currency
  • Multi-client capability and consolidation
  • Extensive cost accounting with cost units, cost centres, projects
  • Any number of budgets and forecasts
  • Digital invoice approval and archiving of receipts
  • Online access to bookings and receipts
  • Extensive interfaces (e.g. DATEV, Excel)
  • Fulfils all requirements of digital tax audits (also abroad)
  • Online banking and SEPA payments

IOP (Inventory management and Sales Order Processing)  is an extension to FMA. Orders can be entered and invoiced manually. If desired, a web shop with online payment systems can be integrated. IOP uses the FMA database, which means that customers, G/L accounts and cost centres only have to be managed at one central point. IOP has a VAT matrix and calculates the tax automatically, taking into account the respective VAT regulations.

PUMA (Purchase Orders Management) is an extension tool for purchasing. In PUMA, purchase orders can be created online and approved, changed or rejected. Approved purchase orders are directly linked to FMA. There, the incoming invoices of the suppliers are compared with the order and the transactions are posted to the corresponding accounts, cost centres and / or projects.

Webshops are indispensable for businesses these days. However, the FMA webshop offers much more.

The webshop is fully integrated into the Inventory management system IOP, the product data only has to be maintained in one central place.

The webshop uses the services of common online payment systems. The invoice is created at the time of payment and the data is automatically transferred to inventory management (IOP) and accounting (FMA).

The ERP system around FMA comes from TJ-Systems and is constantly being further developed. Individual extensions are also easy to implement.

TJ Systems has been developing outstanding business software and customised projects since 1979. TJ Systems' customers include small local businesses as well as national and international companies throughout Europe and beyond.

FMA - IOP - PUMA - Webshop